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Coronavirus Awareness Poster in Timișoara, Romania

Due to the rise of Corona infection in Romania, I decided to create the Romanian version of my Corona Awareness poster and posted them on the streets of Timișoara , Romania.  This initiative was made possible by Ovidiu Hrin in collaboration with the municipality of Timișoara.
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Coronavirus Awareness Poster in Lisbon, Portugal

30 of my Coronavirus Awareness posters are being displayed on the streets of Lisbon, Portugal, and here are a few photos of them .   This initiative would not have been possible without the support from Tiago Krusse, director of the Design Magazine in coordination with Filomena Costa, director of the Department of Brand and Communication and João Camolas, Senior advisor of Deputy Mayor for Economy, Innovation, Mobility and Safety at Lisbon Municipality .   Photos by Tiago Krusse and Armindo Ribeiro/CML    

Coronavirus Awareness Poster in Skopje, North Macedonia

When I heard about the rise of the coronavirus in North Macedonia, I decided to create, print and distribute a Macedonian version of my “Don’t Stop To Read This, Keep Going, Be Safe” Coronavirus Awareness poster. Because North Macedonia has a large (25%) Albanian population, I also created an Albanian version of the poster which were posted in Albanian neighbourhoods in the capital city of Skopje. All this was made possible the help of Laze Tripkov , a Macedonian designer.  

Covid Exit, Madrid 2020

As part of Madrid Gráfica 2020 , an international event dedicated to graphic design, they organized Covid Exit poster exhibition. From submitted posters by 572 graphic designers from 45 countries, the jury selected 100 posters. They are being exhibited both in the city’s squares and at the Central de Diseño at Matadero, Madrid. I am pleased that my poster is among the selected.

Coronavirus Awareness Poster in Belgrade, Serbia

Here are a few photos of my design for an Coronavirus awareness poster in Belgrade, Serbia. This campaign was organized in collaboration with Kulturni center GRAD . Photos by Stefan Gajić .

Stay-Sane-Stay-Safe in Breda, 3

Few photos of the third and final Stay-Sane-Stay-Safe installation at 3 Second Gallery in Breda in Holland. Stay-Sane-Stay-Safe project was initiated by Lennert & De Bruin and Overdeschreef , and the show was organized by Graphic Matter . More here and here . I'm very pleased that my poster is one of the posters included in the show. Photos by Edwin Wiekens.

Stay-Sane-Stay-Safe in Breda, 2

Lennert & De Bruin and Overdeschreef initiated the Stay-Sane-Stay-Safe project. By now they have 1,759 posters from 85 different countries. The project was posted on Instagram, only visible online and mainly seen by the design community. Graphic Matter from Breda, Holland decided these posters belong out on the streets, and should be seen by as many people as possible. They bought 275 poster positions, the whole of Breda has 350, for three weeks. Now Graphic Matter prolonged the project with two pop up museums each has twenty three posters and one poster with an introduction story. The two installations are traveling through Breda. They are aiming for seven locations in three weeks. Here are images from the first four locations (Westerpark, Leystroom nursery home, Dr. Struycken Square and Rogdijk - Zwarte Dijk). So many people requested posters, that Graphic Matter decided to distribute these through six local shops, and give them away for free. I'm very pleased that my pos